Questions for disruptive product development…

If we hosted a forum called “How Our Products & Services Suck” what topics would be on the main stage? An equally effective version is “Which two things could our competitors do to render our product/services irrelevant?”

1. If you could only work on one project for a year to transform the business, what would it be and why?
2. What is the shortest path to the customer? How could we get there in 6 months?
3. What suffers more breakdowns: our products, our processes, or our people? How could we fix this?
4. It’s 2025 and we’re the best company to work for in the world: What two things did we do to earn this award?
5. Which parts of your job would you like to kill or eliminate?
6. What would our dream testimonial from a customer say?
7. What can we offer for free that no one else does?
8. You’ve just written a tell-all book about this company: Which secrets does it reveal?
9. How can our services be turned into physical products? How can our products be turned into a service?
10. If we could hire five more people, what unconventional skills would they have and why?